cement manufacturer in India

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전진중공업(주) Eumseong


33 Oseon-ri, Geumwang-eup, 369-900 Eumseong, South Korea

콘크리트 펌프카, 플레싱 붐, 타워크레인, 국내/해외 판매 기업

Cement Manufacturer , Metal Machinery Supplier , Pumping Equipment and Service

(주)ABB코리아 Gangnam-gu


503 Teheran-ro, Samseong 1(il)-dong, 135-090 Gangnam-gu, South Korea

ABB코리아 웹페이지. ABB코리아는 ABB그룹의 현지 법인으로 900여명의 임직원이 근무 중입니다. 다양한 정보를 국문으로 제공드립니다.

Manufacturer , Carpet Manufacturer , Cement Manufacturer , Metallurgy Company , Railing Contractor

캐논코리아비즈니스솔루션(주) Ansan-si


736 Wonsi-dong, 425-090 Ansan-si, South Korea

캐논 사무기 통합 솔루션 전문기업, 복합기,프린터 등 제품소개 및 서비스 안내

Manufacturer , Idol Manufacturer , Cheese Manufacturer , Fur Manufacturer , Machine Knife Supplier

Nogchawon Seocho-gu


956-25 Bangbae-dong, 137-060 Seocho-gu, South Korea

Tea Exporter , Tea Manufacturer , Alcohol Manufacturer , Cement Manufacturer , Glassware Manufacturer



890-54 Daechi-dong, 135-280 Gangnam-gu, South Korea

Your Personalized KOREA TRIP

Tool Manufacturer , Cement Manufacturer , Alcohol Manufacturer , Tea Manufacturer

한일시멘트 부천공장 Bucheon

한일시멘트 부천공장

Samjeong-dong, 421-150 Bucheon, South Korea

Cement Manufacturer

(주)시지바이오 Seongnam-si


223-23 Sangdaewon-dong, 462-120 Seongnam-si, South Korea

바이오 융합 의료기기, 인체조직 재생, 첨단의료기기, 혁신기업

Biotechnology Company , Cement Manufacturer , Archive

Passtech Co., Ltd (주)패스테크 Seongnam-si

Passtech Co., Ltd (주)패스테크

333-7 Sangdaewon-dong, 13217 Seongnam-si, South Korea

Passtech is developing, manufacturing and supplying RFID Locks & Mobile Access locking systems. we are aiming to protect the business of our customers.

Cement Manufacturer , Locks Supplier , Leather Exporter , Furnace Parts Supplier , Archive

(주)아이디테크 Gangseo-gu


684-1 Deungchon 3(sam)-dong, 157-030 Gangseo-gu, South Korea

IDTECK-Access Control and Integrated Security Solutions Provider

Locks Supplier , Fire Alarm Supplier , Fire Damage Restoration Service , Truss Manufacturer , Decal Supplier

Emerson Automation Solutions Anseong

Emerson Automation Solutions

미양면, 456-840 Anseong, South Korea

Emerson’s global portfolio of valves, actuators and regulators and services to meet our customers’ most challenging flow control and process demands.

Equipment Supplier , Industrial Equipment Supplier , Metal Machinery Supplier , Ceiling Supplier , Container Supplier

HP솔루션 Cheonan


795 Seongjeong-dong, 331-170 Cheonan, South Korea

한국HP 서비스센터

Hockey Supply Store , Pharmacy , Store Equipment Supplier , Beauty Product Supplier , Books Wholesaler

BASF Jung-gu


39 Sejong-daero, Namdaemunno 4(sa)-ga, 100-094 Jung-gu, South Korea


Alcohol Manufacturer , Agricultural Engineer , Foam Rubber Supplier , Trade Fair Construction Company , Match Box Manufacturer

Daesung Hi-Tech Hwaseong-si

Daesung Hi-Tech

1030-8 Changgok-ri, Paltan-myeon, 445-910 Hwaseong-si, South Korea

Tea Manufacturer , Ice Cream Equipment Supplier , Glassware Manufacturer , Machinery Parts Manufacturer , Cement Manufacturer

큐로테크(주) Bucheon


192 Yakdae-dong, 420-140 Bucheon, South Korea

Alcohol Manufacturer , Cement Manufacturer

(주)원림 Seocho-gu


1422-6 Seocho 1(il)-dong, 137-070 Seocho-gu, South Korea

Cement Manufacturer

ConfiAd (Jin Gwang) Gwangju-si

ConfiAd (Jin Gwang)

11-13 Maejari-gil, Opo-eup, 12798 Gwangju-si, South Korea

Cement Manufacturer , Chemical Manufacturer , Glass Industry

Live Cell Instrument Nowon-gu

Live Cell Instrument

250-3 Hagye-dong 250-3, 139-230 Nowon-gu, South Korea

Manufacturer , Gasket Manufacturer , Glass Manufacturer , Glassware Manufacturer , Alcohol Manufacturer

한국타이어제조 군산지점 Jeonju

한국타이어제조 군산지점

697-1 Geumam 1(il)-dong, 561-180 Jeonju, South Korea

Tyre Manufacturer , Aircraft Manufacturer , Cement Manufacturer , Manufacturer , Container Supplier

전주이강주 Jeonju


617 Won-dong, 561-410 Jeonju, South Korea

Manufacturer , Ceramic Manufacturer , Glassware Manufacturer , Cement Manufacturer , Alcohol Manufacturer

대진(주) Asan-si


327 Sodong-ri, Eumbong-myeon, 336-860 Asan-si, South Korea

Carpet Manufacturer , Tile Manufacturer , Cement Manufacturer , Marble Supplier

(주)용진테크 Pyeongtaek


12 Hansan-ri, Cheongbuk-myeon, 451-830 Pyeongtaek, South Korea

Locks Supplier , Cement Manufacturer

Jinwoo SMC Co. Ltd. Iksan-si

Jinwoo SMC Co. Ltd.

춘포면, 54580 Iksan-si, South Korea

Our company is specialized in production of sophisticated machineries. Aerial Elevating Work Platform - This was designed to be able to move boom up & down to reach any place you want.

Construction Equipment Supplier , Fire Protection Equipment Supplier , Machinery Parts Manufacturer , Metal Machinery Supplier , Fire Department Equipment Supplier

ENLINK Co.,Ltd. Suwon


154-42 Gwanggyosan-ro, Iui-dong, 16227 Suwon, South Korea

Since 2013, ENLINK has developed and launched analog and digital mixed products

Lighting Manufacturer , Alcohol Manufacturer , Metallurgy Company , Light Bulb Supplier , Cement Manufacturer

(주)원림 Yangsan


5 Gyo-dong, 626-230 Yangsan, South Korea

Cement Manufacturer

원림중부공장 Cheongju


103-3 Saam-ri, Geumga-myeon, 380-820 Cheongju, South Korea

Cement Manufacturer