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iCast Lyt - For very small foundries with limited staff whose primary need is to keep the track of the only casting inventory, making Test Certificates and Invoices and finding out the pending order status. Most suitable for foundries with 1-3 software users.

iCast Inv - For small foundries, those whose pain area is to keep the tracking of raw material and casting inventory only and don’t want any part of accounting. Neither do they want a very detailed modules and functionalities of everything. Suitable for 3-5 Users.

iCast Pro - iCast Pro- For small and medium scale foundries who need more than just an inventory management tool. To keep the track of stage wise WIP mold/core production and costing reports and more detailed functionalities. Suitable for 5-10 Users.

iCast Ent - Typically medium and large scale foundries or aspiring large scale foundries who want to use the software not just for inventory and production reports but want their complete business to run on the systematically. Suitable for more than 10 Users.

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