MilesWeb provides all kinds of web hosting services that can host any website and cater to any requirements.

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Shared hosting: This is the cheapest web hosting as multiple websites are hosted on the same server, where each user is allocated a specific amount of space and resources that can be utilized for hosting their website. This is the best web hosting solution for beginners, small and medium websites/blogs.

MilesWeb stands out from other providers as we provide hosting for both Linux & Windows platforms. Linux shared hosting is ideal for websites with PHP and MySQL. Whereas, Windows shared hosting is suitable for websites built in ASP, .NET and Microsoft SQL Server.

VPS hosting: VPS makes use of virtualization technology in which one dedicated server is split into several virtual private servers. In simple words: 1 powerful physical server hosts multiple virtual servers, each isolated from the others. In a virtual private server, you get server resources completely dedicated to you, so there is no sharing of any server resources like RAM, CPU, storage, etc. with other users. Moreover, each virtual server has its own operating system, which works independently.

Reseller hosting: Reseller hosting is a type of hosting service where one can resell or rent out server space and its resources to other customers, in turn, earning a profit. These server resources include CPU, bandwidth, disk space, RAM, etc. MilesWeb's reseller hosting is a 100% white-labelled hosting service that enables you to sell hosting services under your own brand.

Dedicated hosting: A type of web hosting wherein a client gets exclusive access to an entire physical server. Unlike other hosting types, you don't have to share any of the space, processing power and other resources with anyone as you get a whole server for yourself.

Cloud hosting: Unlike traditional hosting, in cloud hosting, your website/app is not deployed on a single server. Rather, a cluster of virtual and physical cloud servers that are connected internally. This ensures higher flexibility and scalability.